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Sell ​​ACP screws, gypsum, etc.This screw is a type of building material made from gipss and minerals.In addition to the usual nails in carpentry, there are also known types of screw nails which are often used in wood construction called screws.Wood screws are usually made of metal that has a spiral screw and a pointed end. The shape of the screw head is generally round, flat and arises depending on its use.These screws are commonly used to secure dry walls either for members of wood or metal framing that are designed to minimize dimpling on the wall face.Gypsum screws have deeper threads than ordinary screws to prevent gypsum material from loosening easily. This screw is made of steel and to install it requires an electric screwdriver to drill.Its main use is as a fastener (fastener) to hold two objects together. This product is widely used in the gypsum industry.Specifications:Thread diameter = 3.5 mmTotal Length = 25mm (2.5cm)1 Box contents 800 pcs = 1 KG
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